Ultra-slim at a thickness of just 6 mm, our LIGHTPANEL AIR is the ideal solution when a slender fit is needed – such as in floor installations, mechanical engineering, the furniture sector and shops. The LIGHTPANEL AIR can be installed in almost any design form imaginable, so you can enjoy practically unlimited freedom when designing.


LED shower back wall

Make showering an adventure.

Create a captivating background to make your shower even more enjoyable! Anyone can have a shower in front of standard tiling – but it’s much more exciting to shampoo your hair under a waterfall. Or why not ride a camel into your personal shower oasis? After all, anything’s possible with our LEDscreen® shower walls.

An all-round secure solution.

But our bright shower back walls don’t just look exciting: they also give you complete peace of mind. The shower wall is tightly sealed, the electronic elements are splash-proof, and the drill holes for shower head and fittings can be adapted perfectly for the back wall so that no water will leak – guaranteed.

LED kitchen back wall

Guaranteed to catch your guests’ eye: Our kitchen back walls are a creative feature for every kitchen, the focal point at the heart of your home. The combination of light and glass means the LEDscreen® kitchen back wall is splash-proof, washable and hygienic – making it 100% practical. Whether you make your favorite vacation photo the backdrop for your everyday cooking or choose a piece of abstract art to bring inspiration to your kitchen, the design is entirely up to you.

Your kitchen. Your world.

How about cooking a tasty steak with a view over the New York skyline? Or rustling up a stir fry in front of the rice fields of Vietnam? With our LEDscreen® solutions and digital photography, there are no limits to where your imagination can take you. And if you like, we can even create a customized tattoo for your kitchen: We use a special process to cut the areas you want out of the back wall, and the LEDs then bring them to life.

Mounted at the speed of light.

Not only do our kitchen back walls look great – they’re also easy to install. With our clever magnet system, once you’ve screwed magnets into the wall, you can simply click your back wall into place on the magnets. Quick as a flash.

Tailor-made, not mass-produced.

Each one of our unique light scenes is tailor-made with millimeter precision for your personal requirements. So as well as guaranteeing a feel-good atmosphere, you can rest assured that your kitchen is unique.

The LEDscreen® light matrix is perfectly configured so that hardly any shadows are visible at sockets, despite the slender design.

LED wall element

You don’t have to travel to find an idyllic lake – you can enjoy that view from the comfort of your own bathroom. Or why not add upright light panels to give your medical practice a pleasant sense of freedom and openness? And did you know that the right light mood can enhance the restorative effect of wellness treatment?

Every element is a new world.

Our wall elements open up fantastic worlds of light – both in personal spaces and in restaurants, medical practices and other public areas. Our LEDscreen® products trigger emotional responses with their powerful light effects and take our imagination to places it has never been before.

Hygienic from top to bottom

Not only are our wall elements a visual delight, they’re also completely hygienic – so there are no restrictions on where they can be installed. From top to bottom, you have full freedom to design the space that’s perfect for you.

LINE & mirror

Your reflection in its best light.

LIGHTPANEL LINE will put a smile on finishers’ faces: Not only can the LEDs can be installed in the edges of the mirror, they can also be integrated directly into the mirror surface as a light source behind sandblasted areas. That means logos can be applied, for example – a very attractive opportunity for hotels to make a shining impression.

SkyPanel & Elevator panel

All good things come from above…

Our ultra-slim SKYPANELS radiate light from almost the entire surface, and you can design them to suit your taste. Using state-of-the-art technology, we make one of humanity’s oldest dreams come true: From now on, you can spend your life beneath a bright blue sky with fluffy clouds.

… or move up in the world!

We have developed an LEDscreen® system specially for elevators. You’ll notice how a pleasant white ceiling creates an uplifting feeling – even if you’ve pressed the down button

Lighten up your life.

What if dental treatment took place in the Seychelles – wouldn’t that be much more enjoyable? Or if you were bathed in a bright Mediterranean ambience while having dessert in an Italian restaurant? You’d certainly be more generous with the tip. Our LED panels make these and other spaces feel much lighter. And each time you take the elevator, gravity won’t feel so strong.

Our SKYPANELS are perfectly suited for all common grid ceilings – and our intelligent installation system makes them quick and easy to mount.

Spark protection plate

A safety feature can still be attractive: Use an LEDscreen® light product to turn your spark protection by the stove into a charismatic, eye-catching feature that will compete with the fire to grab your attention.

There’s no need to worry about sparks flying: The illuminated glass spark protection plate provides reliable protection for your floor around your fireplace. An LEDscreen® light product makes it light up in your favorite color in the evenings to create an additional contemporary effect for your living room. Prepare to be amazed!

Glass pillar

As impressive as a sword of light.

Our glass pillars combine a slim design with impressive luminosity. When positioned in front of business buildings, they make clear to everyone which light is shining brightest in your industry.

The glass pillars can be illuminated on one or both sides, and are just 31 mm thick. The diffusing pane with its laser matrix spreads the light from the LEDs at the edges to create one unmissable overall light. The glass pillars can be delivered with a frame structure for final assembly on site.

LEDscreen® solutions use light to help you convey a powerful message.

Facade panel

Beauty in a rush of color.

By day your architecture will have an exciting, contemporary glass look, and when darkness arrives it will grab everyone’s attention with a dazzling color display. Our LEDscreen® facade panels give buildings an unmistakable character and turn them into bright, shimmering stars in the architectural sky.

LED insulating glass

There’s no more spectacular way to combine light and glass: Our illuminated insulating glass turns buildings into exciting pieces of urban architecture, and at night they become a true natural light show. Whether striking or understated, cold or vivid – there are no limits to our range of colors. One particular benefit is that at night you have pleasant light inside while being almost completely protected from prying eyes outside. Get inspired by the stunning potential of our LEDscreen® illuminated insulating glass designs.

The illuminated insulating glass is easy to install in a post-and-beam or window construction.

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