• modernes Bad mit beleuchteter Duschrückwand (individuell gewähltes Eisbär-Bild), gläserner Duschwand, LED-Spiegel, Waschtisch, Handtuch-Heizung und Toilette

Make showering an experience with an LED shower wall panel

An illuminated shower wall panel will make using your bathroom a special event!

Believe it or not, the relaxing effect of a blissfully warm shower – or the invigorating impact of a blast of cold water – can be made even more intense. Use pleasant illumination and the view of a beautiful landscape or an exciting work of art to lose yourself in your daydreams or boost your motivation. It’s a great way to start the day or to leave the rigors of the working day behind you in the evening. An LED bathroom wall panel will create the exact effect you want: Simply choose your image and the innovative, custom made LEDscreen® technology will soon enhance your shower area.

Catch the eye in any bathroom with an LED shower wall panel and a choice of motif!

A sparkling waterfall, a pleasant beach or the sight of an illuminated rainforest will make your showers even more enjoyable and enhance your entire bathroom. Our Lightpanels make a strong impression with their pleasant, uniform light and their slim design. The latter ensures you don’t lose any space by installing the LED shower panel – so they’re especially well-suited for smaller bathrooms.

Design your illuminated shower wall panel just the way you want it!

The choice is yours when designing your illuminated bathroom wall panel: We will of course adjust the LIGHTPANEL design to suit your needs, and we’ll use advanced printing methods and our LEDscreen® technology to bring each of your chosen motifs to life. The energy-saving LEDs are installed in the frame of the LIGHTPANELS and centred.

From the bathroom to the kitchen: illuminate your living spaces with LED panels

Just like your illuminated shower wall panels, it’s easy to make your kitchen wall stand out with an LED panel and to create an illuminated cloudy sky on the ceiling with a SkyPanel. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you create the motif of your choice.

Motif for an LED shower wall: waterdrops on glass

Advantages for your

LED shower wall panels

Create a captivating background to make your shower even more enjoyable! Anyone can have a shower in front of standard tiling – but it’s much more exciting to shampoo your hair under a waterfall.


An innovative LED light panel made in Germany will make your surroundings shine in a whole new light. Find clever ways to draw people’s attention to what you want them to see, and use atmospheric illumination to create a sense of wellbeing!

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Discover how illuminated facades work: By day the LED elements complement the stylish glass character of the architecture, and by night the lighting effects make a powerful impression.

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An innovative LED light panel made in Germany will make your surroundings shine in a whole new light. Find clever ways to draw people’s attention to them.

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