Artificial windows and daylight panels with LED

LED windows and fake window light panels bring daylight into your rooms

No matter if it’s an interior bathroom, basement or other room with too little natural light, there are many walls where you would like to have a window but cannot. In such cases, an LED lighted window décor or “fake window” can be an easy and inexpensive option to implement. Such an artificial window provides daylight-quality light at the touch of a button and, with a cleverly chosen image, can also make you feel like you’re looking into the distance or that you’re in the middle of nature.

Unlike classic lamps and spotlights, LED window panels provide glare-free, homogeneous lighting, similar to a real window with indirect sunlight. The LED fake illuminated windows are also distinguished by low power consumption compared to the light output. Both the wall element and the built-in LEDs as well as the transformer are replaceable at any time, which contributes to the sustainability of your fake window solution.

How fake windows and LED daylight panels work

To create the illusion of a daylight window, we rely on our proven LED panels. With these, the light from many small LEDs enters the glass from the edge and is then refracted at small, artificially created “defective spots”. This allows it to exit the artificial window evenly.

In front of this LED panel, another glass pane with a printed motif is placed. This way you can create the illusion of a beautiful view from your fake window. The images are freely selectable just like the dimensions. Provided that the quality is sufficient, you can also use pictures from your last vacation, for example.

We speak of a daylight panel when the artificial window has a colour temperature of about 5,500 Kelvin (white point) and a spectral composition corresponding to natural light. However, we can also offer other colours or artificial windows with colour change. With our tunable white LEDs we can simulate the light colour of the sun. Human Centric Lighting (HCL) control takes into account the biological effects of light on human beings. Thanks to the versatility of new LEDs, artificial light can be adapted to the natural patterns of our daily life. So how about sunset mood lighting in the evening, for example?

Design options for artificial windows

Apart from light colour, size and motif, each of which can be selected individually, there are also various options regarding the exterior design of your artificial LED-powered window:

The simplest version of a fake window is a plain LED wall light. In this case, the daylight panel is simply hung directly on the wall. Due to the slim design of Kuzman LED panels (from 6 mm installation thickness – depending on the size and application), an artificial “fake window” can also be easily recessed into most walls, as the plaster is usually thicker.

If you want to strengthen the impression of a real daylight window, you can add a (stylized) window frame or a window cross. It is also possible to place the daylight panel behind a classic window to perfect the illusion. This way you can even open or tilt your “fake window”.

Application range for artificial LED windows

In addition to interior bathrooms and basements, artificial daylight windows can also make attic rooms livable that have not yet been equipped with a skylight. They are also suitable for cabins that are below the waterline or on the inside on yachts and cruise ships. And they can also be used to enhance rooms in large buildings such as warehouses, factory floors or shopping malls.

Even for narrow rooms with small windows at the end, “fake windows” on the other walls can visually enlarge the apartment. Moreover, you can install your daylight panel not only on one wall. For example, how about an LED light ceiling as an artificial skylight?

However, an artificial window can also simply brighten up the mood on dark winter days or turn night into day for people on shift work. Alternatively, of course, you can also make the real windows glow at night with LED technology.


An innovative LED light panel made in Germany will make your surroundings shine in a whole new light. Find clever ways to draw people’s attention to what you want them to see, and use atmospheric illumination to create a sense of wellbeing!

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Discover how illuminated facades work: By day the LED elements complement the stylish glass character of the architecture, and by night the lighting effects make a powerful impression.

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An innovative LED light panel made in Germany will make your surroundings shine in a whole new light. Find clever ways to draw people’s attention to them.

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