Light up your state-of-the-art architecture

LED facade lighting produces colours that light up the night

We use our innovative LEDscreen® technology to combine a stunning combination of light and glass. Install our LIGHTPANELS to give the glass in your building even more character by day and make it a magical, eye-catching prospect by night. LED facade lighting enhances your building with an interesting contemporary aesthetic – prepare to be amazed by the wide range of possibilities with light design!

A captivating combination of light and glass – LED facade illumination

When it gets dark, your building will be like an illuminated monument standing tall like a lighthouse. Let your imagination run wild, and we’ll produce your LIGHTPANEL in the size you want. The ultra-slim design elements can be installed on almost any surface to create effects on the exact parts you’d like to emphasize.

Give your building a new look with LED facade lighting!

If the building whose facade you want to illuminate is very flat and almost inconspicuous, then emphasize its horizontal lines: A self-illuminating glass cornice will give the building its own special character.

Design lighting to create exciting features

Our facade lighting is suitable for public, commercial and private buildings. We supply it for schools, hospitals and sports centers just as much as for office buildings and residential buildings. The LED panel can shine playfully in striking colours, or it can have a more discreet, calm and elegant glow. Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you find the light design idea that best suits your building and the style you want to follow, so that you can enjoy the effect of your illuminated facade as soon as possible.

In addition to LED-panels that make your building shine in one colour, you can also have a façade lighting that changes colour or illuminates a picture. And of course we can also make your windows glow: With insulating LED-windows.


LED facade panel

By day your architecture will have an exciting, contemporary glass look, and when darkness arrives it will grab everyone’s attention with a dazzling colour display. Our LEDscreen® facade panels give buildings an unmistakable character and turn them into bright, shimmering stars in the architectural sky.


An innovative LED light panel made in Germany will make your surroundings shine in a whole new light. Find clever ways to draw people’s attention to what you want them to see, and use atmospheric illumination to create a sense of wellbeing!

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Discover how illuminated facades work: By day the LED elements complement the stylish glass character of the architecture, and by night the lighting effects make a powerful impression.

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An innovative LED light panel made in Germany will make your surroundings shine in a whole new light. Find clever ways to draw people’s attention to them.

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Glass + Light = the perfect LED façade

Today, many cities all over the world organise light art festivals where buildings are illuminated by light installations. Events such as the “Festival of Lights” in Berlin, the “Blaue Nacht” in Nuremberg, “Light City” in Baltimore, “Luminarie” in Kobe or the “I Light Festival” in Singapore are becoming increasingly popular, as the illumination makes buildings appear in a very special setting and immerses the surroundings in a unique and captivating atmosphere. But you can also create your own permanent LED façade lighting independently of these light festivals. This is made possible by the innovative LEDscreen® technology, which uses LED light panels to create the most beautiful lighting effects quite effortlessly.

LED façade lighting – elegant glass, modern lighting design

The LED light panels can be universally installed wherever you wish. Thanks to their low-height design, they are easy to implement. During the day, the LED façade elements are not perceived as such and even enlarge the glass surface, enhancing the presence of your building with an innovative and spectacular appearance. At dusk, when the light is switched on, the LED façade lighting transforms your building into a structure that is impossible to ignore. Light and glass harmonise in perfect symbiosis and provide every building with a magical atmosphere in the dark. The light panels for LED façade lighting can be easily mounted on almost any surface, thus upgrading your building quickly and effectively. Construction work such as the removal of building components is not necessary.

LED façades – let buildings shine in a truly special light

With our innovative LED façade lighting, every building becomes an eye-catcher par excellence. Illuminate the areas that you consider particularly important. Emphasize horizontal or vertical lines of the building, illuminate special areas and make them stand out, create patterns and colour changes and turn the building into an individual light spectacle. Have we sparked your interest? Then contact us today and tell us about your project. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss further details and outline the possibilities. Of course, your enquiry is non-binding.

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