Creative and customized illumination

Go on a journey while cooking with an LED kitchen wall panel!

Are you looking for a pleasant light in your cooking workspace and an exciting, attention-grabbing focal point for your kitchen? Our illuminated kitchen wall panel combines practicality with a stunning look: Turn the wall behind your workspace into the ideal light source and a real eye-catcher!

An illuminated kitchen wall panel to suit your requirements

Your new illuminated LED panel can shine in one of many colors to give your kitchen a contemporary feel. But you can also choose a motif to bring your kitchen to life. Imagine a plain kitchen, where black, white and gray colors predominate in the walls and furniture: An LED surface light in red, blue or green will immediately create an exciting effect in this space.

Your LED kitchen glass wall with motif

Do you have a favourite photo from your vacation by the sea, or is there a skyline or mountain view that just makes you happy? It’s simple for us to print your dream motif on the illuminated LED panel. So when preparing your meals, you can dream of your favourite place thanks to the LED kitchen wall panel and make the motif the perfect centerpiece for your guests.

LEDscreen® raises the bar for your illuminated kitchen wall panels

It’s the ability to make ultra-thin LED panels shine with highly efficient LEDs that turns our illuminated panels into such a captivating design feature in contemporary interiors. Your new LED kitchen wall panel with individual motif won’t protrude into the room, so you retain your full workspace. Simply enjoy the stunning light and the beautiful view.

Beleuchtete Küchenrückwand mit Blumenmotiv; LED kitchen glass wall panel in black and white with flower motif


illuminated kitchen wall panels

Guaranteed to catch your guests’ eye: Our illuminated splashbacks for kitchen walls are a creative feature for every kitchen, the focal point at the heart of your home.


An innovative LED light panel made in Germany will make your surroundings shine in a whole new light. Find clever ways to draw people’s attention to what you want them to see, and use atmospheric illumination to create a sense of wellbeing!

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Discover how illuminated facades work: By day the LED elements complement the stylish glass character of the architecture, and by night the lighting effects make a powerful impression.

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An innovative LED light panel made in Germany will make your surroundings shine in a whole new light. Find clever ways to draw people’s attention to them.

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Illuminated kitchen splashbacks – the highlight in every kitchen

Cooking should not just be a necessary part of everyday life, the preparation of meals should also be fun. There are many ways to achieve this. One of them is to create a pleasant atmosphere in which you feel comfortable and where you enjoy spending time. It should be clear that the interior design is particularly relevant for our well-being. And a feel-good atmosphere is also very important in the kitchen, a room where we spend time every day and often work for many hours. With an LED illuminated kitchen splashback, you can create very special lighting moods and have a real highlight that everyone will truly enjoy.

Your illuminated kitchen splashback – a dream come true

Cooking while gazing at an enchanted garden, the sun sinking into the sea, the New York skyline – or something completely different? It’s up to you. Maybe you would prefer not to look at a monotonous tile pattern at your kitchen wall anymore but rather at some other, more motivating visuals? Perhaps this would help you to get the vital inspiration to create a very special meal for your family and friends? We can install an LED illuminated kitchen splashback made of glass or natural stone with your favourite scenery. However, our LED glass splashbacks can also be applied without any motif, perhaps with some cool pattern or a stylish light and colour design. Your existing tiles can remain on the wall, the LED kitchen splashbacks are simply installed directly on the tiles – or instead of tiles in a new kitchen.

Illuminated kitchen splashbacks – cooking in a totally unique environment

With an illuminated kitchen splashback, you can enjoy an unprecedented cooking experience that may inspire you to try something new or simply put you in a good mood while preparing a special meal. We can produce your LED illuminated kitchen splashback in any size and shape. It’s best to request a free, no-obligation quote via our contact form. You will be amazed at the manifold possibilities to realise your personal kitchen dreams. We can provide you with an extraordinary setting for your cooking and transform your kitchen not only into a place with ideal lighting, but also into an impressive eye-catcher for your friends and guests.

It is a well-known fact that the best parties take place in the kitchen. With your LED-illuminated kitchen splashback, you won’t spend much time with your guests in the living room anymore!

Compatible with all kitchen manufacturers

Your LED illuminated kitchen splashback is made of very thin glass, so the glass splashback is similar in thickness to tiles. This means it can be applied to practically any new kitchen and also be retrofitted in existing kitchens. It doesn’t matter whether your kitchen comes from Nolte, Ikea, XXXLutz, Marquart, Plana, Nobilia, Obi, Alno or any other kitchen manufacturer.

Good to know: As the LEDs for the kitchen splashback lighting are integrated into the edge of the glass, you do not need to worry about holes for sockets and other connections – your motif or pattern will shine across the entire surface of your illuminated LED kitchen splashback. We can apply the cut-outs in the glass according to your specifications.

Ideal splash protection for your kitchen

Our LED kitchen splashbacks are not made from acrylic or Perspex, but from real glass. This makes them highly scratch-resistant and heat-resistant. The glass splashback is also resistant to chemical impact e. g. from cleaning agents or grease. The smooth surface makes the LED kitchen splashback easy to clean.

Our kitchen splashbacks have also passed an IP65 protection test. This means that they are safely protected against dust and water jets from all directions. The kitchen splashbacks can therefore be used as splash protection not only behind the hob, but also behind the sink.

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